I'm easy to get a hold of, especially Monday to Friday from 0800h – 1700h Central time, when I can be expected to be at my desk in my basement. Use any of the following methods, listed in order of how fast you can expect a response.

  1. Phone me at +1-204-222-1145.
  2. Phone or text me at +1-204-226-7565.
  3. PM me on the FreeNode IRC network as mak.
  4. Email me at <my-first-name@my-last-name.com>.
  5. DM me on Twitter as @mak_kolybabi.
  6. DM me on Twitter as @mogigoma.
  7. PM me on the DC204 Slack Team as @mak.
  8. PM me on the SkullSpace Slack Team as @mak.
  9. PM me on the Canadian Infosec Slack Team as @mak.
  10. PM me on the Papers We Love Slack Team as @mak.